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Student Evaluations

"Ling is the BEST TEACHER EVER! She is phenomenal!! I have never improved so much in an art class before. She is utterly brilliant - a prodigy. The assignments are super fun. Ling is just amazing."


"This was my favorite class and I thought Ling was a great person to have teaching it!"


"Successful aspects of the course that have to be maintained are: the genuine and great artist we have as a teacher! Thank you Ling for your patience and for your excellent skills as a designer!"


"I love the teacher. She was really nice and easy to talk to. She has a lot of knowledge on things such as competitions and ideas on how to solve drawing problems or sewing."


"I loved this class. Ling is an amazing teacher. This was my favorite class I have ever taken at Iowa State University. After taking this class I would love to TA for it because I enjoy the enviornment, learning experience, and creative freedom so much."


"Ling is an amazing instructor, designer and artist. This course has taught me many valuable skills for my career choice and has greatly improved my illustration skills."


"Creativity is embraced and encouraged in this class which makes the class very enjoyable."


"I like the teacher! She is very good for painting and teach! I like her!"


"Ling is an incredible teacher, more of a friend actually!! She gave us great feedback and supported everyone's creativity!"


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