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My Teaching Philosophy


I believe a good teacher is like a gardener who plants the seeds in the spring, takes care of seedlings and waits to see the fruits in the fall. As a teacher, I enjoy the process of planting. I may or may not see the fruits right after two seasons, but I help the young seedlings strick their roots into the soil. They will obtain adequate nourishment from the soil and grow tomorrow.



I believe a good teacher must have motivation to know their students, how to help them, how to understand their needs. Each student has different family background and prior learning experience. The responsibilities of a teacher are not only transferring knowledge to the students and teach them what they need to learn from the textbook but also understanding the students interests, abilities and their prior knowledge, then giving them different education based on their own resources.


I believe a good teacher must love what they teach and know the teaching subject well. The good teacher leads the students to find the truth of the world and helps them to find the motivation of learning and their study interests. I love my domain and I have experience using the subject that I teach to relate with the real industry. I teach them what the subjects are, help them be interested in the subjects, lead them to critic, analyze, synthesize and evaluate the subjects, show them using the subjects to their future careers.


I believe a good teacher must be a good learner. The teacher must have strong enthusiasm of absorbed knowledge not only related primary domain but also other domains. The teacher must constantly learn what is new in the discipline. The good teacher must have strong interests in exploring the new knowledge, developing new techniques, investigating new methods. Education is a two-way process. I willingly learn from my students. They always inspire me to learn new knowledge and explore the new subjects. They encourage me to examine my teaching method and results. They teach me how to be a good teacher.


When I think about my teaching philosophy, the first three words come to my mind: love, motivation, and patience. I love being a teacher. I love helping other people find their study motivations. I have strong motivation to teach. I have motivation to share my knowledge and work experience with my students. I have enough patience to let my students find the truth by themselves. I have patience to wait for my students to be successful in their life.

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