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I am currently an associate professor in the Apparel, Merchandising and Design Program at Iowa State University.


Back in 1999, I was among the top three students (out of 30,000 candidates) admitted into the Department of Fashion Design at Beijing Institute of

Award Winning Designs
Mystic Girls and Butterflies - CNIII

Sandra Hutton Award for Excellence in Fiber Arts at ITAA Design Competition, St. Petersburg, FL, 11/2017

Chinese Wisteria
The Third Place of Innovative Design at ITAA Design Competition,Vancouver, Canada 11/2016
Life of Earth: Hope
ESRAP Award for Sustainable Design - Graduate Level at ITAA Design Competition; The Second Place of Fashion Supplies Innovative Design Award at ITAA Design Competition, Santa Fe, NM, 11/2015
Chinese Garden from Upcycled Used Clothing
The Third Place of Fashion Supplies Innovative Design Award at ITAA Design Competition, Santa Fe, NM, 11/2015
Beauty of Gothic

The Most Excellent Award 

at 5th International Fiber Recycling Symposium, San Francisco, CA.

Link of the award website


Life of Earth:Pure

The Second Prize of Innovative Design Award at ITAA




Fibonacci for Fashion

The Best Sustainable Design from Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business at ITAA





Finalist of International Arts of Fashion Competition







Fashion Technology (BIFT), the top ranked fashion design college in China. After graduating from BIFT, I began a program at ISU for further study in 2006 and received my Master's degree in 2008.


From 2008 to 2011, I worked as an intimate apparel designer for Delta Galil USA and Dolce Vita Intimates in New Jersey and New York City. After working in the industry for three years, I published a book titled "Fashion Design: Process and Practice" in China. The book is currently for sale in Mainland China and Taiwan and was rated as "The Best Seller" in 2013 and 2014 by the biggest online bookstore in China.


I started my doctoral study in the Apparel, Merchandising and Design Program at ISU in Fall 2012. During my doctoral studies, I taught Fashion Illustration for two and a half years at the university level and have inspired undergraduate students to pursue their future careersby exposing them to actual industry catalogs, spec sheets, and outstanding portfolios.


I am the 2015 winner of the ITAA Counselor's Graduate Fellowship for Continuing Doctoral Students. Twelve pieces of my design were accepted and exhibited in national and international prestigious peer-reviewed juried exhibitions and competitions during my career. My work as a designer has been recognized in peer-reviewed juried exhibitions, earning the highest honors by organizations such as the International Textiles & Apparel Association, International Fiber Recycling Symposium, International Arts of Fashion Foundation, and Haining Tide Cup National Competition of Leather Fashion. I have also given seven refereed presentations at professional conferences.


My research areas are:

  1. Sustainability:

  • Engaging sustainability in wearable product design including developing and testing a variety of natural dye materials and methods, and applying them to wearable products; upcycling second-hand materials to create contemporary garments and wearable arts that alleviate the impacts of environmental problems.


  • Utilizing traditional handcrafts on slow fashion designs, including free form machine embroidery, hand embroidery, hand beading, and felting techniques.


2. New Technologies:

  • Applying technologies to wearable product design (digital printing, 3D body scanning, laser cutting, 3D printing).


  • Employing 3D body scanning technology to analyze body shapes, body satisfaction, and the effectiveness of functional wearable products.


3. Design Process Model:

  • Investigating the existing design process models and proposing a new design process model for wearable art design, and developing an evaluation method for wearable art designers (dissertation topic).


4. Pedagogy of Apparel Design:

  • Studying and examining the effectiveness of applying a variety of teaching strategies in apparel design classes.


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